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In2Books e-Mentoring Service

In2Books®, ePals' curriculum-based e-mentoring program for students in grades 3 through 5, matches students with adult pen pals, who read the same books, and exchange teacher-monitored, online letters about questions and issues raised by the text. The program provides standards-based professional development and professional learning communities and is facilitated by three resource-filled websites - one for students, another for pen pals, and a third for teachers.


The success of In2Books

"The aspect of the program that has generated the deepest learning and most excitement has been the 'student-driven' nature of In2Books. They love being able to pick their books, share their learning, and share their writing... In2Books set the stage for a wonderful collaboration of the 21st Century community, and it takes student learning to new heights!"

- Chris Harris

3rd Grade Teacher California, USA